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This Hair Serum is an innovative treatment especially developed for a fast improvement of damaged hair due to excessive chemical treatments such as hair coloring, curling or straitening. The serum repairs split-ends, moisturizes and protects the hair from environmental damages and prevents static electricity. It revitalizes the hair and provides it with a healthy, glowing and flexible appearance. 

This Hair Serum wraps each hair fiber with a protective layer without the oily sensation. It is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E,  Keratin, Dead Sea Minerals, Obliphicha(Sea Buckthorn) oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Flax oil.

The Hair Serum comes in three sensuous fragrances: Argan Oil, Obliphicha Oil and Flax Oil.

How to use:
Apply a few drops on your palms and spread on dry or damp hair especially on hair ends.

50 ml

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