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Treatment Hair Mask

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Sun, wind, dryness, exposure to sea water, hairdryer overuse, Hair color, hair lightening and smoothing, stress, unpredictable weather conditions and hormonal changes damage the appearance of the hair. The hair becomes thinner, dry, brittle and has more split ends.

Mask provides your hair with minerals to strengthen hair follicles, softening burnt hair ends and protecting from excessive chemical treatment damages in hair styling. The mask contains UV filters, enriched with keratin and doesn't contain Sodium Chloride & SLS. Daily use will result in soft, healthy, shiny and easy to manage hair.

  • Olive oil & Honey Hair Mask For Dry and Colored Hair
  • Treatment Hair Mask with Dead Sea Mud 
  • Coconut Oil Hair Mask For Nourishing and Hair Fiber Strengthening
  • Sea Buckthorn and Honey Mask For Hair Restoration & Nourishment
  • Argan Oil Hair Mask For Dry or Damaged Hair

How to use:
After shampooing, wring excess water out of hair, work a generous amount into hair, starting at the roots and working towards the ends massage the mask in, wait 2-3 minutes, and then rinse in warm water. Do not swallow. Keep away from eyes, Rinse eyes immediately if the product comes into contact with them. Keep away from children. Do not use if sensitive to ingredients

200 ml

Health & Beauty